At Bixler Moore, LLC, we focus on estate planning, elder law and closely related practice areas, providing answers to difficult questions, such as:

How can I make sure my assets go to the people I want to receive them after I pass away?
If I become incapacitated, how can I make sure people I trust can make medical and financial decisions for me?
If I need expensive long-term care, how will I pay for it? Can I get financial assistance from Medicaid?
How can I ensure my child with special needs will be well cared for when I can no longer provide his or her care myself?
Am I eligible for Veterans Benefits, particularly Aid and Attendance?
What is required to settle an estate or administer a trust?
What is the best way to structure my business and transition out of it when the time comes?

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Areas of Practice

Estate Planning
We can help you manage your assets so they're protected now as well as in the future, for your children.
Elder Law
Worried about the costs of hospice or nursing home care? We can help you structure your assets so they're protected.
Veterans Benefits
Let us help you get the most from your Veteran's Benefits.
Medicaid Planning
We can help you make the best Medicaid decisions to ensure you're maximizing them at minimal cost.
Probate/Trust Administration
Worried about your assets going to Probate? We can set up your estate so that it stays out of Probate and your assets are used you as wish.
Special Needs Planning
What's hoing to happen to your Special Needs child if you become incapacitated or you pass? Who will help them with finances? We can help set up a trust for your children so they are cared for and protected.

Our Team

  • Tim Moore


  • Jason Pugh


  • Edgar M. Moore, Jr.


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